Wood-fired steam-houses

Visiting our steam-baths is one of the most favorite leisure activities of our guests. It’s the best way to have recreation, relieve stress and revive your energy. Our steam-bath in Cherkasy is one of the most popular facilities, as it is located among the pine forest and has direct access to the Dnieper river. There is no doubt that it’s a real pleasure to cool down in the river after a hot steam room.

The best bath-house in Cherkasy

There are two Russian bath-houses on the territory of the country family hotel Selena Family Resort. Each of them has a capacity of 4-8 people. It’s a great opportunity to have joyful pastime with the company or your family. Each bath-house has a nice steam room, a spacious lounge room with a sofa and a TV set, as well as a shower and a bathroom.

The benefits of Russian baths are well-known to everybody. Regular visits to steam rooms have a positive effect on cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems, it promotes toxins release and improves skin condition. Visiting our wood-fired bath-house in Cherkasy, you will boost your immunity and prevent catching colds, which is especially relevant in cold seasons.

Our services

Selena Family Resort bath-house in Cherkasy offers the following services for you to get the maximum effect:

  • steam treatment with besoms — our professional bathhouse attendant will make you wonderful massage with besoms, which has a beneficial effect on the body;
  • massaging is a great way to relax, it increases the efficiency of visiting a bath-house;
  • scrubbing — here you can buy a coffee and honey or honey and salt scrubs that will help your skin to be soft and elastic;
  • tea, honey, and bagels (bubliks) – beneficial and pleasant supplement to the treatment you take.

Moreover, you are free to order food and drinks from our Selena restaurant: various snacks, salads, barbecue, khachapuri, wine, etc.

Prices for sauna services in Cherkasy in Selena Family Resort

Service name Cost
Sauna visiting (minimum 2 hours) 500 UAH/hour*
Every next hour 300 UAH/hour
Massage table rent 100 UAH
Full-body massage (1 person) 350 UAH
Steam treatment with besoms (1 person) 250 UAH
Essential oil for a sauna 50 UAH
Bath caps 100 UAH
Besom 60 UAH
Sponge 20 UAH
Towel + sheet set 50 UAH
Bathrobe 100 UAH
Slippers 30 UAH
Honey and salt scrub 35 UAH
Coffee scrub 40 UAH
Coffee and honey scrub 45

The price is for 4 people, for each additional guest — 150 UAH (for all the period of stay). The basic price includes towels, sheets, slippers, tea, bagels, and honey.

If you are looking for a bath-house in Cherkasy, open around the clock, welcome to Selena Family Resort!